Back to School Blueberry Swirl Donuts

Oh it’s that time again.  Back to school.  Oh sure, I’m ready, I suppose.  And I am ready to share my baked goods with my work friends who I work closely with every day.  I love sharing the desserts I make with others and they are very lucky since I see them probably more than anyone else.  I am also very excited to get the baking club going.  I hope to have a lot of interest and I can’t wait to share with you all of the great things the students do.

So to celebrate the first day back, I felt the small, but wonderful department I work in needed a breakfast treat to get us through a hectic morning we were expecting to have.  I made Blueberry Swirl Donuts with Lemon Glaze.  And they were  baked.  And had fresh fruit.  So no one could feel guilty about eating a donut, or multiple donuts.  And multiple donuts were necessary.  I found the recipe for the donuts on Wanna Be A Country Cleaver and you can find the recipe here.

I like how this has plain Greek yogurt.  I wonder how they would taste if a flavored yogurt is used.  I will have to try that.  Also, you need to use a donut pan.  I have the one from Wilton and if you MUST make these, which you probably will, you can get one at Michael’s or AC Moore with a coupon.

I made a couple of changes as I went along.  Strain the blueberries after they have slightly cooled.  This will prevent any blueberry skins from getting into the donuts.  After I put the blueberry sauce in the batter the first time, I realized that there was a lot of skin from the blueberries left.  So I scooped them all out of each donut cavity with a toothpick.

The second batch worked out much better.  Also, I tried swirling the sauce with a knife but it was too big.  Use a toothpick and you can swirl the sauce into the batter much better.  And make cool designs.

After the donuts are done baking, you dip them face down into a lemon glaze.  I sort of wish I dipped the entire donut into the glaze.  But still, they are delicious!

I think the donuts helped us all get through our hectic morning and I am happy to say it was a successful day!  See what baked goods can do ?!  They make everything better.

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