Banana Chocolate Chip Layer Cake

I have no reason for making this cake other than I needed to use ripe bananas and didn’t want to make another banana bread.  And I have been dying to make it for quite some time.  Actually, most of the time I don’t have a specific reason to bake something other than for the enjoyment.  Nothing wrong with that! cake slice 2 This cake recipe comes from the cookbook Sally’s Baking Addiction (check out the blog too).  It came together very quickly and I love the combination of the chocolate and bananas. whole cake 1 And I think this is the nicest and cleanest slice of cake I have ever made! whole cake missing slice

Inside the cake there are mini chocolate chips with a layer of that delicious chocolate frosting.

cake slice 3

This type of cake is a nice change from the traditional chocolate or vanilla cake.  And it’s really really good cold!  If you would like to make this cake, I wouldn’t hesitate picking up this book.  It has so many great recipes and I use it all the time!  If not, this recipe, this one…..and this one all look amazing (must try all!).

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