Food Prep and Meal Plan #3

I have a full week ahead of me, first one since school started.  However, I am still adjusting to my work schedule vs. my summer schedule.  It’s never easy, but the prepping ahead is definitely helping!

Here is this week’s breakfast, lunch, and snacks:

  • overnight oats – add fruit in the morning
  • fruit cups
  • bananas and apples (not shown)
  • yogurt – add fruit in the morning
  • almonds
  • Shakeology (not shown)
  • FREEZER MEAL OPTION!  For lunch – Black Bean and Sweet Potato Turkey Chili from the cookbook 400 Calories or Less with Our Best Bites – you can get the recipe here!
    • This makes a huge batch so I plan to portion it out 2 servings at a time and freeze for future lunches

food prep 3

Here is my menu plan for this week:

  • Sunday dinner – Baked Chicken Parmesan with a small side salad (also in The Skinnytaste Cookbook)
  • One-Pan Broccoli-Bacon Mac ‘n Cheese (I decided not to use the butternut squash puree that is in the recipe because there are added ingredients I don’t like.  I got pure frozen squash puree.  I think it should still work fine!)
    • Prep ahead – chop broccoli, chop bacon, and shred cheese
    • leftovers will be a good lunch option!
  • FREEZER MEAL OPTION!  Cauliflower Fried Rice
    • Prep ahead – chop cauliflower and prepare the vegetables as needed
    • If there is any left over, I will freeze it
  • Freezer meal – I’m thinking these Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas
    • Prep ahead – remove from the freezer and allow to defrost in the fridge the night before
  • Burgers on the grill
  • Groupon to smokehouse (it was closed last week!)

Have a great week!!! 🙂

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