Pecan Pie Cheesecake

A few months ago, I made my first real cheesecake, and it came out great!  However, a whole cheesecake is a lot for just Matt and I.  I still have a few pieces in the freezer.  So I was anxious to make this pecan pie cheesecake that is in the cookbook Comfort and Joy: Cooking for Two!

Although there are 3 separate steps – the crust, pecan pie filling, and cheesecake – it is all quick and very easy to throw together!

cheesecake post bake

I always get nervous when it comes to making any kind of crust and putting it into a pan.  For this cheesecake, I wasn’t sure if I was pressing it in evenly enough or high enough up the sides.  But when I took it out of the pan, I saw that it was perfect!

whole cheesecake

I couldn’t wait to cut into it to see how it looked with the pecan pie filling on the bottom.

cheesecake slice close up

I am so happy at how this cheesecake came out!  I was afraid that I over-baked it, but I didn’t!  There were no cracks and it was smooth and creamy.

cheesecake slice whipped cream close up

The pecan pie filling on the bottom adds a nice crunch and contrasting flavor to the actual cheesecake.  And of course you can’t have cheesecake without fresh whipped cream!

Because it is made in a 6 inch springform pan, you can get 4 good size slices out of it.  So this recipe is perfect for a small get together, especially Thanksgiving.  I was able to freeze the extra pieces and have them a week later.

If your’e looking for a great fall dessert, this is it!

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