Date Night In #8 – Breakfast for Dinner

Last Valentine’s Day, I gave Matt a jar filled with ideas for a Date Night In.  Even though I made them, we weren’t very excited about the last couple we picked, so we did themed dinners instead, like the last one.  But for this one, Matt picked Breakfast for Dinner and we were both really excited.

Warning:  There is nothing healthy about this dinner whatsoever!

Of course with date night, we need an appetizer.  Last weekend, Matt and I had brunch with some friends at Applecrest Farm Bistro.  As an appetizer to our main brunch, Matt and I split an incredible sticky bun.  So of course I wanted to do this for our dinner’s appetizer.  I used the Pecan Sticky Bun recipe found in the cookbook Comfort and Joy.  Words can’t describe how excited I was at how they came out!

pecan sticky buns white plate

The pecan sticky buns looked great and tasted great!

pecan sticky bun single

For the main course, Matt said he wanted to have waffles, so I suggested chicken and waffles.  This is a dish I see on TV and in books and magazines all the time and we have never had it.

chicken and waffles

Again, both the fried chicken and waffle recipes came from Comfort and Joy.  And this part was a joint effort, which is one of the points of having a date night in.  I made the waffles while Matt cooked the chicken.

While at Applecrest Farm and Bistro, we picked up smoked maple syrup that we used on the dish.

maple syrup

Dessert, of course comes next!  Apple turnovers seemed like the best option.  While a breakfast food, it is kind of like a handheld apple pie.  And where did I get this recipe?  You guessed it!  Comfort and Joy.  It can also be found here at the blog Dessert for Two.

apple turnover


I would have to say that Breakfast for Dinner has been our favorite Date Night In so far.  We tried something new and loved how everything came out.  I also tried three new recipes that I completed successfully!

By the way, if you haven’t noticed, Comfort and Joy is one of my favorite cookbooks and is perfect for a date night in.  It would make a great Christmas gift! 😉



One thought on “Date Night In #8 – Breakfast for Dinner

  1. YAY! Thanks so much for making those rolls. I’m glad you liked them 🙂 Breakfast for dinner is happening in our house this week!

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