Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

One of the things that Matt and I enjoy doing (especially before kids), is go snowshoeing, especially up in the white mountains.  We haven’t been able to go in about three years.  But when I saw that our friends Al and Andrea (check out her website!) own snowshoes, we jumped at the opportunity to get together with them and go locally.


We had a great time!  It was nice to finally get outside!  I was sore and got some nasty blisters from my boots, but it was worth it!  After snowshoeing, we went out for lunch at one of our favorite local restaurants, The Grill Next Door.  For some reason, the red pepper hummus on the menu was calling my name.  I had never had this type of hummus before but knew I needed to try it!  Oh my god it was soo good!  So what did I do the next day?  Try to make it of course!

Any recipe where you can throw all the ingredients into the food processor at once is a great recipe.  And that is why you should make your own hummus!  I used this recipe from the blog Six Sisters’ Stuff.

IMG_20140126_175256And that’s all there is!

IMG_20140126_175414It doesn’t taste exactly like The Grill Next Door’s hummus but it is delicious!

I’ve made this twice already.

IMG_20140202_141057Once just to snack on and the second time was for our annual family dinner.

IMG_20140208_160316Not only is hummus so easy to make, it is a healthy snack!

IMG_20140208_160327Don’t forget to check out the recipe and give this amazing hummus a try!

Thanksgiving 2013

Who went out shopping this morning for Black Friday?  I have gone out the past few years really early but didn’t this year.  I did go to Kohl’s this afternoon for a toy and walked right out.  The line was wrapped all the way around the store.  At 1:00 pm!  I would rather spend the extra money and not spend over an hour in line.

Anyway, let’s recap Thanksgiving!  This is the third year that we hosted and it was a success.  Matt primarily does the cooking for the main meal, especially when it comes to the turkey.  And although I may not cook the main meal, I search for the recipes that we will use.  However, I do take care of the appetizer and desserts.  My two favorite things to make.

So let’s start with the appetizer.  I made a baked BLT dip.  I found this recipe from Betty Crocker, made by The Girl Who Ate Everything.


IMG_5069As part of the Thanksgiving meal, we had sour cream and onion mashed potatoes by Glutenista.

IMG_5062I don’t know if mashed potatoes would ever look nice in a picture…

For one of the vegetables, we had green beans.  I saw a recipe for cheese sauce on an episode of Trisha’s Southern Kitchen on Food Network. Any vegetable tastes better with cheese!


IMG_5071And then of course, there is the dessert.  I made Joy the Baker’s Pumpkin Cream Pie.  Yum!!!


IMG_5073After we finished at our house, we headed to my aunt and uncle’s for more dessert.  I made Averie Cooks’ loaded M&M oreo cookie bars to bring.  My version has peanut butter oreos and peanut butter m&ms.


IMG_5052Because there were so many desserts at my aunt and uncle’s, I was asked to bring them home.  I was happy to!

Choosing recipes for Thanksgiving, I looked for ones that are simple.  There is no time for complicated or involved recipes on Thanksgiving because there is so much going on.

From the food to the company, it was a great day!  Bring on Christmas now!!!