Homemade Play Dough

We are now right in the middle of the Blizzard of 2013, or Blizzard Nemo.  This could be history in the making!
Just the thought of being stuck in the house for at least 2 days made me have cabin fever.  And now I definitely won’t be leaving since there is a driving ban.  Of course I went to the grocery store for the essentials – bread, milk, eggs, and anything I would need for baking. Although I have a couple of Sundays with Joy recipes to share, they will have to wait for now. I want to share the homemade play dough I made for Luke this morning. I know, it’s not a dessert and it will not be eaten (let’s hope), but I am so excited at how easy it is to make!

The recipe for the play dough is on Luke’s daycare monthly newsletter. I am not sure of the original source.
I love how the recipe uses Kool-Aid. I was afraid that Luke would shove this in his mouth right away because of it. Gladly, he did not. And I have not had Kool-Aid in such a long time! I may need to make a batch with the extra packet I have :).
Of course I did not have a full cup of salt for the recipe so I cut it in half. It still made plenty of dough, especially for one little guy.
Like I said, so easy! And of course Luke had a blast.
And mama made a snowman…


If you need something quick and easy to do with little ones (or for yourself!) when you are stuck in the house, you should give this play dough recipe a try!