Banana Chocolate Chip Layer Cake

I have no reason for making this cake other than I needed to use ripe bananas and didn’t want to make another banana bread.  And I have been dying to make it for quite some time.  Actually, most of the … Continue reading

Browned Butter Glazed Banana Cake

If a recipe has cake in the title, one would assume it is for dessert.  However, if there is banana in the recipe title, one might think it would be OK to eat the finished product for breakfast.  Such an inner conflict I had with this Browned Butter Glazed Banana Cake.

This recipe from Averie Cooks is just like the others I have made.  It is incredibly easy and delicious.


As I was combining all of the ingredients, I realized I forgot a key ingredient, Greek yogurt, and had a mini panic attack.  I knew it had looked to dry.  Luckily I was able to add it at the very end and all was well!

And see that wonderful looking “frosting” on top?  I quote frosting because the recipe calls it a glaze.  However, when I made it, I couldn’t get it to thin out and seemed more like a frosting.  It wasn’t something drizzled or poured but more spread it on.  Hey, I am not complaining because whatever it’s called, it still tastes great.


You know I am a sucker for anything brown butter.  Brown butter added to a recipe, whether in it or as a topping is a great addition.  I love how it as a subtle sweetness to this banana cake.  And it is not too heavy so it is OK to have it for breakfast!  If you want to see for yourself how good this cake is, click here for the original recipe!