Kettle Corn and Biscuits

Two very different but very delicious Sundays with Joy recipes I need to share with you.  I completely forgot to make the first one, Perfect Kettle Corn.  I must have been too focused on the fact that summer was quickly coming to an end.  Ok, I’m over it.  So I doubled up and made the popcorn along with this past week’s recipe Cheddar Chive Jalapeno Biscuits.

Other than Jiffy Pop, I never made popcorn on the stove.  Talk about easy (other than burning the sugar JUST a tad) and so much cheaper.I think this was the best popcorn I have ever tasted.  It has sugar which I think is why it is so amazing.

The biscuits are a first for me as well. I have never made them and I was a little nervous.  For some reason I always thought it was complicated.  But nothing about Joy’s recipes have been complicated so I should have known better.   Another first about this recipe is using jalapeno.  There is a warning in the recipe not to touch your eyes after you cut the peppers so of course I was very paranoid.  I did touch my eye, oops,  but it stung only a little.  The recipe did call to keep some of the seeds in the pepper but I chickened out.  I removed all of them but there was still a subtle kick to them.

And it is so good when you bite into the biscuit and you can taste the cheese, chives, and peppers all at once.

I will definitely be making this recipe for Thanksgiving!

Next week’s Sundays with Joy recipes is Apple Pie Crostadas.  Great way to kick of the baking of fall desserts!