Mini Apple Pie Cheesecakes

You know those awesome coupons you get for your birthday? I love them. It’s a great opportunity to buy something you don’t need but want, without the guilt. I recently got a mini cheesecake pan with one of those.

mini cheesecake pan

I finally came across a recipe to use it.

Mini Apple Pie Cheesecakes by Baked by Rachel. Dangerous. And you will soon see why.

First, you make a simple graham cracker crust and fill each cavity.


Fill it with the cheesecake filling.

IMG_4593Top it off with the “apple pie.”

IMG_4596They are not even baked at this point and they look delicious!  Nothing smells or tastes more perfect than apples combined with brown sugar.  Perfect combination for fall and into winter.

IMG_4597After they are baked, they puff up a little bit.


IMG_4602Once they cool, they go back down a bit.

And what is cheesecake and/or apple pie without some fresh whipped cream on top?!  The original recipe calls for a Brown Sugar Whipped Cream but when it came time to make it I was exhausted.  I used a whipped cream that I had already made for something else.  I bet the brown sugar one tastes amazing though!


And why are these cheesecakes dangerous?  Just look at them!  Not only are they super cute, but you can eat one in two bites.

IMG_4608My advise is to use a fork.  It will make it seem like you have more if you take bites directly from it.

IMG_4610And then hopefully not eat more than two at a time.

These cheesecakes are perfect to bring to a party.  Thanksgiving perhaps???  Don’t forget to get the recipe by clicking on the link at the top of this post!

PS-if you don’t have a mini cheesecake pan, I am sure using a mini cupcake pan with liners would work just fine.