Brown Butter Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies

“I think this is the best cookie you have ever made” was Matt’s reaction to eating a Brown Butter Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie.  And I can’t argue with him.  First of all, it has brown butter.  If you don’t know by now, I absolutely love using brown butter.  And it has both chocolate and toffee chips, a combination of two wonderful ingredients.

IMG_20131231_175543This was one of those recipes that I happened to have all the ingredients on hand.  I love that.  And, I was glad to use up the 3 almost empty bags of chocolate chips I had…oops! 🙂

What I also love is during the holidays, baking ingredients are on sale and there are coupons.  So I love to stock up on stuff like condensed milk, evaporated milk, and definitely things like chocolate chips and add-ins like that.  Having ingredients on hand like that makes it easier to make a dessert without having to run to the grocery store.

Now this isn’t an average size cookie.  Each cookie consists of a 1/4 of dough.  That’s a lot.

IMG_20131231_150815A great way to measure out the amount of cookie dough is using an ice cream scoop.  (I also use my ice cream scoop for making cupcakes.)

IMG_20131231_152526I could only fit four cookies at a time on the baking sheet.  And because I was using only one baking sheet and one piece of parchment paper, they took me over two hours to make.  It was well worth it!

Because the cookies are so large, I got 16 cookies out of the batter.  You normally get about 3 dozen with regular size cookies.

IMG_20131231_180435I tend not to repeat a lot of recipes because I am always looking for new ones to try.  However, this is one recipe that I intend to repeat frequently.  They are so good!

IMG_20131231_180623If you want to give these cookies a try, and I am sure that you do, make sure you check out the blog Mom On Time Out for this amazing recipe!

Brown Butter Baked Donuts and a Cronut

It’s fun to have a treat once in a while. Sure there is almost always a baked good in my house.  But I mean something we don’t normally have and we get only once in a while. In my neighborhood, we have an amazing bakery, Piro’s, and an amazing coffee shop, Heavnly Donuts.  both of these locations get an occasional visit from Matt or I.  Where am I going with this?  On a recent Sunday morning, Matt suggested that I go get us breakfast treats from Heavnly Donuts.  I chose to make them instead (and I didn’t really feel like going).  And I made Brown Butter Baked Donuts with Chocolate Glaze by Joy the Baker.

These donuts are incredibly easy to make.  And if you don’t have one, I highly recommend getting a donut pan to make your own.


The batter makes six donuts which is perfect.  It is not necessary to have extra donuts hanging around.


Of course the donuts are good as is.  But what fun is a donut without some sort of topping?  Bring on the chocolate glaze and chocolate jimmies.




Make sure you check out the recipe and treat yourself with these donuts!

While we are on the topic of donuts, have you heard of the Cronut?!  It’s a donut and croissant combined and it’s a big thing right now!  You can read all about it here. I have been dying to try one and have been searching for a fairly simple recipe to try and make my own.  But I was just at a mall I don’t go to very often.  I was doing the walk as fast as I can to get out when I walked by Crumbs Bake Shop. I stopped dead in my tracks because not only was it a new bake shop I had to check out, there was a huge sign for “Crumbnuts” in the window.  I got the one with cinnamon and sugar.


It’s pretty big.

IMG_4649And it’s pretty delicious.   I asked Matt how he would describe the taste compared to a donut and he said it is more buttery and custard like.  I would have to agree.  As good as it is, this is definitely something that I will have once in a great while!  I wouldn’t say this is part of a balanced breakfast (not that donuts are any better)!  I still want to try and make them so I will let you know how it goes when I do!

Best Brownies Ever!

It is not often that I will repeat a recipe.  That’s because I am always looking for something new to try.  However, this very easy Brown Butter Brownie recipe is one that I have made numerous times.  It has got to be one of the best brownies I have ever had. You can find the recipe on the blog Freutcake.


What makes these brownies so good?  The brown butter of course.  You know how much I love brown butter.  Brown butter makes everything better.

A note on making brown butter:  Don’t try to do something else while the butter is on the heat.  You should really just stand there and stare at it because it can burn fast.  I was trying to do a bunch of other stuff while making this batch and it was a close call.


These brownies are amazing on their own.  But there is nothing wrong with putting a little something extra on top.  That is where peanut butter frosting comes in.  You can find the peanut butter frosting recipe along with the brownie recipe.



You can’t go wrong with that!  It makes the brownie a little messy but messy is good.



Making brownies from scratch is very simple and this recipe couldn’t get any easier.  I already had everything on hand and decided to make them on a whim.  Give them a try…you won’t be sorry!