Chocolate Peppermint Lasagna

Best Christmas yet!  Seeing the excitement on my 2 1/2 year old’s face when he realized Santa came was priceless!  I know that it is only going to get better every year.

But now I want to talk about dessert.  I was hoping to blog about the desserts I have made the last couple of weeks leading up to Christmas, before Christmas came.  That definitely didn’t happen.  So here is one of four that I hope to share with you.

Prior to Thanksgiving, I made this amazing Pumpkin Pie Lasagna!


So when I saw that Beyond Frosting posted a recipe for Chocolate Peppermint Lasagna, I could not wait to make it!  The original recipe has you make it in a 9×13 pan.  But I loved how the pumpkin one looked in the springform pan so I decided to make it in that instead.

chocolate peppermint CollageSo easy.  There is a layer of chocolate graham crackers, some delicious cream cheese/cool whip mixture, and yummy dark chocolate pudding.  Repeat these layers again and top it all off with more cool whip.

peppermint lasagna collage 2You can see why I wanted to make this dessert in a springform pan.  I love how you can see all the layers.  It is kind of like a trifle, but prettier.

IMG_20131225_190532Of course it isn’t just about how the dessert looks.  Let’s talk about how delicious it is!  The peppermint is very subtle, not overpowering.  This makes a wonderful holiday dessert that you can whip together in no time!  If you want to make this but you’re not crazy about peppermint or it is not Christmas time, just leave out the peppermint flavoring and Andes chips that are in it.  Substitute them for whatever you want!  Don’t forget to get the recipe here to give it a try!

Oreo and Pretzel M&M Bars

I am kind of obsessed with baking with Oreos lately.  I don’t know why but I find myself drawn to recipes that have them as an ingredient. One recipe that I absolutely love is M&M Oreo Cookie Bars by Averie Cooks.  This is not the first time I’ve made them.  I made them around Halloween, using Halloween themed Oreos and Fall themed peanut butter M&Ms.


The colors of the two star ingredients make them look like the perfect fall dessert.

And how does one make these look like the perfect Christmas dessert?  Simply use Christmas Oreos.

Christmas Oreos

And of course red and green M&Ms.  I chose to use pretzel M&Ms for this because I like the crunch of them and the salty with the sweet.

pretzel m&ms

See how the red filling of the cookie spread through the batter?

batter in panIt can’t get any more Christmasy than this!

bars on plateThis recipe is perfect because you most likely have all the ingredients on hand and it comes together so quickly!  I really wanted to use peppermint Oreos and peppermint M&Ms but couldn’t find the Oreos.

stacked barsThe outcome of using the pretzel M&Ms is exactly what I was hoping for.  And you don’t need to use just Oreos and M&Ms.  You can use whatever cookies or candy you have.  Or do what I do and choose the candy/cookie to go along with the holiday.  That’s why I like this recipe so much.  Give it a try!

Gingerbread Roll Cake

Every Christmas, I come across so many beautiful desserts that I want to make.  There’s just not enough time, especially this year with one less week between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  However, when I saw this Gingerbread Roll Cake by Roxana’s Home Baking, I was determined to make it.  I think I read the recipe every day for two weeks until I got to make it.  I know, I’m crazy.

I was nervous while making this cake because it involved beating egg whites and folding the egg yolks and dry ingredients into it.  I didn’t want to ruin the egg whites.  And of course I used a bowl that was too small.

IMG_5150IMG_5151I mixed (or folded) the batter successfully!


IMG_5155The above photo is of the cake after I first rolled it to cool.  I was extremely excited at this point because there were no cracks.  It was time to fill the cake with cream, re-roll it, and top with more cream.


IMG_5168I am so excited that this came out!  The cake baked beautifully and there were no cracks while rolling the cake!

IMG_5171And of course, this cake tastes delicious.  There’s nothing better than homemade gingerbread cake!

IMG_5172Do you want to give this cake roll a try?  Click here for the recipe!