Key Lime Pie

It is not often that I will get a special request for a dessert.  Except for Key Lime Pie.  Matt and I recently celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary and since he has recently mentioned this pie a few times, I thought I would make it for him.

This Key Lime Pie recipe is from the King Arthur Flour Baker’s Companion Cookbook.  I first made it last summer and briefly mentioned it here.  Making this pie is incredibly easy and makes a great summer dessert!  And you don’t necessarily need key limes.  I used the juice of regular limes.

This pie is almost a no-bake pie.  It has a vanilla wafer crust that briefly bakes so it can set.


Once the crust is cool, pour in the pie filling and allow it to set for several hours.


And then of course, you need to top it off with fresh whipped cream.


The first time I made this I used coconut extract in the fresh whipped cream.  It complimented the lime wonderfully.  Vanilla extract is still tasty if that is all you have.  That’s what I used this time around.


Since Labor Day is sadly already here, this is the perfect dessert to wrap up summer!

Summer Berry Crumble Bars

I am trying to use my cookbooks more.  If you saw my bookshelf, you might say I have a slight obsession.  My husband can confirm this.  But I will save this story for another day.  I recently wanted to make a couple of desserts so rather than searching Pinterest, which is always my go to, I broke open the King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion.

I had a 25th anniversary party for my aunt and uncle so I made some delicious raspberry crumb bars.  I wish I was able to make this with freshly picked raspberries.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it this season.  Even though it’s not the same, I had a bag of frozen raspberries that I needed to use so it worked out!  This recipe also gives the option for using blueberries so you can use what you prefer!

Bake a crust and add the raspberry topping…


What is great about this recipe is the crumb topping is the same as the crust.  It saves you from doing an extra step.


What’s one of the best parts of these bars?  The glaze that is poured on the top when it comes out of the oven.  Because the pan is warm the glaze just seeps right through the topping.



Even though I am sad to say that summer is almost over, this is a great dessert to share with a large group.  Labor Day cookout perhaps?


Cinnamon Toffee Oatmeal Cookies

It’s now the most wonderful time of the year!   The time to start baking lots and lots of cookies!  One of the things I enjoy most when baking is being able to share what I made with other people.  Family, friends, co-workers, anyone who eats dessert, etc.  I know it sounds corny, but I love hearing about how someone enjoyed eating something I made.  And what’s easier to share with others than with cookies?  I love all the cute packaging with the bags and boxes and tags and ribbons.  Christmas time is the perfect opportunity to do share baked goods.  A few years back, I had a cookie swap party which was a lot of fun.  I was really hoping to do one this year but there are not enough weekends before Christmas for me to be able to.  There is always next year.

Let’s talk about these cookies I made.  I recently came across a cookie recipe on the blog Chef in Training by Two Peas and their Pod for Cinnamon Toffee Pecan Oatmeal Cookies.  Besides gingerbread, there is nothing better than the smell and taste of cinnamon during the Christmas season.  So I thought you can’t go wrong with combining this with toffee.  These cookies looked absolutely amazing and so quick to put together, I had to give them a try.  I am very happy I did.

I did slightly adjust a couple of things.   I omitted the pecans because I didn’t have any in the house.  The second thing I changed is I used the mini cinnamon chips I bought from the King Arthur Flour Store (best day ever!).  Other than that, I followed the recipe as is, which you should definitely check out here.

When I bake, there is always something that goes wrong and the process seems to take so much longer than I anticipate.  This especially happens when I am home alone with a 1 ½ year old running around.  I sometimes rush and my focus obviously is all over the place.  I know.  I do it to myself.   So of course as I was removing the first tray of cookies from the oven, one slid off to the bottom.  As you can imagine, it wasn’t pretty and made a lovely burning smell pretty quickly, all while needing to give my son attention at that point.  I refused to shut the oven off and wait for it too cool to clean.  I took my chances, scrapped off that burnt cookie, and continued.  I don’t think I will share what happened when I tried to make muffins right before the cookies.  One situation a day is enough.


Check out that great mix of cinnamon chips, toffee bits, and oatmeal…yum!

These cookies are a definite winner.  The cinnamon and toffee are such a great combination.  My husband said, and I quote, “These cookies are buttery, cinnamony, and sugary all in my mouth.”  This was a statement made as he was eating cookie #3 within about 2 minutes so I would say he liked them.


If you need a delicious cookie recipe for the holidays, you must try this one!  If you are looking for more ideas, you can start with the collections of cookies at Chef in Training and Brown Eyed Baker.  I am sure you can find plenty more.

Stay tuned because I am sure I will have plenty more holiday desserts to share as well as some mishaps during this crazy time!