Oreo and Pretzel M&M Bars

I am kind of obsessed with baking with Oreos lately.  I don’t know why but I find myself drawn to recipes that have them as an ingredient. One recipe that I absolutely love is M&M Oreo Cookie Bars by Averie Cooks.  This is not the first time I’ve made them.  I made them around Halloween, using Halloween themed Oreos and Fall themed peanut butter M&Ms.


The colors of the two star ingredients make them look like the perfect fall dessert.

And how does one make these look like the perfect Christmas dessert?  Simply use Christmas Oreos.

Christmas Oreos

And of course red and green M&Ms.  I chose to use pretzel M&Ms for this because I like the crunch of them and the salty with the sweet.

pretzel m&ms

See how the red filling of the cookie spread through the batter?

batter in panIt can’t get any more Christmasy than this!

bars on plateThis recipe is perfect because you most likely have all the ingredients on hand and it comes together so quickly!  I really wanted to use peppermint Oreos and peppermint M&Ms but couldn’t find the Oreos.

stacked barsThe outcome of using the pretzel M&Ms is exactly what I was hoping for.  And you don’t need to use just Oreos and M&Ms.  You can use whatever cookies or candy you have.  Or do what I do and choose the candy/cookie to go along with the holiday.  That’s why I like this recipe so much.  Give it a try!